In the whole act of creation, the process; from the first conception to the final birth is where the art is. The process, when lived with full awareness has a breath taking beauty.  An active participation with a state of full absorption to the exclusion of all else. In this moment, I could die, with no regret of the future or of the past for just having lived that moment to its fullness.

The life of the artist, then is a string of these complete moments from the process of creation.  So it is irrelevant really,  whether you give form, or word. Whether you create the most complex painting or just stand in one spot, staring at another spot. If you reached that moment of “death with no regret” or complete absorption, which in turn changed something in you forever, your art is complete.

These moments, are a result of an urgent sense of self inquiry, or self expression with a specific trajectory. When they come again and again, over a sustained period of time, without loosing focus or drive. They lead to a clearer understanding of the driving force behind that urgency and when and if you are able to share it and touch another, in an unspoken, indescribable sort of a way, because somewhere deep down they have that same urgency or yearning too, some may be in touch with it and some may not.. That, then becomes the masterpiece, which is the life of the artist.