The act of drawing

Drawing as performance.
Drawing is an action.
On repetition, it creates a doorway to
transcendental spaces.

The concept of Brahmacharya.

This post will make sense to those of you who have some insight into Yoga Philosophy.Brahmacharya often translated as celibacy is one of the yamas(or observances/ code of conduct) of Patanjali’s Ashtanga or 8 limbed path of Yoga. Simply saying celibacy however doesn’t seem to do justice to what is being conveyed through the concept […]

Weeping willow

For years, we lived in her majestic presence. Gracefully she would sway in the breeze and allow secrets to ripple through her hair, making music as through a harp. She listened quietly to our dreams as we stared at the sunlight streaming through. And when the storms came, she stood strong and bravely took on […]