Tara Goswami – multidisciplinary artist, Assamese born 1983 in Shillong, India.

My interest lies in the expansion of human consciousness and the journey towards it.
The intersection between matter and spirit.
The crossroads between emotion and understanding.
Between the worldly and the ethereal.
Between the micro and the macro.
Seeing beauty in all its forms.

My entry points are through yoga, Indian philosophy and metaphysics.

Art for me is a curative practice and my work is inextricably bound to the process of self-inquiry through my ongoing spiritual explorations and practices.
Repetition plays a big role, creating a meditative drone that opens doorways to subtle terrains. The role of the artist as shaman is a clear one for me. Works are often therefore not so much ‘creations’ but transmissions of energies that already exist. The process, equally important as the final result always involves self work to keep the ‘conscious eye’ awake.

Minimalist in my approach and often detailed, I comfortably work across disciplines and mediums to suit my expression. Often drawing from ritual, I use simple natural materials, mantra, my own body and time.


Tara Goswami – artista multidisciplinar, nacida 1983 en Shillong,

Mi interés radica en la expansión de la conciencia humana y el camino hacia ella.
La intersección entre la materia y el espíritu.
La encrucijada entre la emoción y la comprensión.
Entre lo mundano y lo etéreo.
Entre perspectivas micro y macro.

El arte para mí es una práctica curativa y mi trabajo está inextricablemente ligado al proceso de auto-investigación a través de mis exploraciones y prácticas espirituales.
Repetition juega un papel importante, creando un zumbido meditativo que abre las puertas a terrenos sutiles. El papel del artista como chamán es claro para mí. Por lo tanto, las obras a menudo no son tanto “creaciones”, sino transmisiones de energías que ya existian. El proceso, igual de importancia que el resultado final siempre involucra auto-trabajo para mantener el ‘ojo consciente’ despertado.

Minimalista en mi expression y a menudo detallada, trabajo cómodamente entre disciplinas y medios para adaptarme a mi expresión. Utilizo materiales naturales sencillas, mi propio cuerpo, la repetición y el tiempo.

Group shows

– SMALL things big, La Xina ART, curated by IVY NODE. Barcelona, 2019

– Memory Salad, Experience at Walkin Studios. Bangalore, 2018

-Juan Rulfo turns hundred/ Juan Rulfo Cumple Cien curated by Blanka Amezkua and Virginia Grise, AAA3A, New York 2017

-International Art Paper, Galeria Carles Tache. Barcelona, 2016
-Dialogo, Angels -Espai 2, curated by Juan Canela. 2014
-Pause, Metafora, Barcelona, 2013
-Transparent, La Place- Galeria de arte, Barcelona, 2013
-Naked in Transit, Metafora, Barcelona, 2013
-‘Attention! Attention!’, Untitled BCN, Barcelona, 2013
-Perspectives/Perspectiva, Mutuo centro de arte, Barcelona, 2013
-Root 14 – Group show at Metafora, Barcelona, 2012
-Shameless Glances- Untitled BCN , Barcelona, 2012

-Group Show at Hatha arts, New Delhi, 2011

Show of paintings and travel journals at The Drawing Room,
Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. April 2012

-Metafora International Workshop, Barcelona 2013-2014
-Studio work with Mexican artist Magali Lara
Cuernavaca- Mexico – July 2008

-The Bogoli Phut Days- written and illustrated by Tara Goswami. Published by Harper Collins India, 2012.

-Escola Massana, municipal d’Art i Disseny a Barcelona. Creacio de pintura- 2015-2016
-Metafora tallers d’art i artterapia – International workshop. Barcelona, Spain- 2012-2013
-Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India- 2002-2006

Graduated with special commendation for exceptional progress, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, 2006

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