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Unlimited 4 weeks4000 INR50 EUR$56

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Attend many classes as you like, for a period of 4 weeks. Pass limited to one person.


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“Tara is an exceptional yoga teacher. Kind, compassionate and warm, yet always pushing you further and correcting you when necessary. In every single one of her classes she transmits her deep love and reverence towards the practice, and ultimately and most important, towards the sacredness inside each of us. I’ve learnt to remain still in the pose, watching what comes up in my mind in the process. Her yoga classes are so much more than a physical practice. Tara is a true yogini.”

– Marta Rubio, Actress and Acting Coach (Spain)

I’ve been learning yoga from Tara for three months now and it’s one of my most cherished experiences. I always look forward to the class and the way Tara teaches different forms of asanas and other practices such as pranayama. One of the best things about the class is that we focus on all aspects of the practice- mind, body and soul. For me, this was very important as I wanted to learn yoga in the traditional approach that encompasses all these different factors. Another thing I really appreciate is that Tara also always mentions the importance of what we’re doing, in addition to showing us how the physical aspect of the practice works. I always feel rejuvenated after my classes with her and even look forward to practising on my own. Tara’s been practising yoga for over 12 years now and it really shows in how she instructs us, as she notices even the smallest details in all our postures. Overall, can’t get enough, love these classes!

– Harshita Himatsingka, Assam.

Tara is an amazing teacher. She attentively ensures everyone’s progress through her strong knowledge of the practice and the body, she gives us personalized instructions with deep insights, that makes one understand and constantly improve form even through the screen! I enthusiastically recommend her invigorating classes!!

– Kana, Japan

I’m an absolute beginner and was unsure if starting with online classes was a good idea — would the teacher be able to see what I was doing well enough to guide me when we are all reduced to small rectangles on a screen? One and a half months in, I’m still surprised at how keenly Tara observes and corrects every movement. Her directions are clear and she is patient, pushing you just enough to stretch your limits a little bit every day. I can already feel some improvement in my weak back which is what sent me down a hunt for yoga classes. Thank you Tara!

Pooja, Studio Minim, Bangalore.