Yoga is the path that brings you home to yourself.
Practice is the prayer that paves the path to that connection.

All these years of practice, have taught me to connect to my own intuition and inner knowing. Over time, this has become the most important relationship and the driving force behind my practice.

Tara has been teaching yoga for over ten years, having studied and trained in the lineages of Sivananda yoga (2009), Dharma Yoga with Sri Andrei Ram(2012) and then finally with Yogacharya Venkatesh (2014) of Mysore in whom she found her lifelong guru – the bringer of light. She deeply resonated with the way Acharya teaches, his style often described as having the precision of Iyengar yoga, the intensity of ashtanga vinyasa and the mindfulness of vipassana: the result – a practice of profound depth . Since 2014, Tara has been going back to Mysore regularly to delve into what has developed into a gurukul system of study. Unfolding layer by layer, each time a little more profound. This way of transmitting knowledge has illuminated not only her yoga practice but also deeply influenced her art practice.

The study of yoga philosophy and chanting of the yoga sutras of Patanjali have also been an important part of her study, guided by her teachers Hema Venkatesh, Dr. M.A Jayashree and Prof. M.A Narasimhan.

Tara’s classes are rooted in the traditional style with her personality added to the mix. Mantras and chanting add to the experience by bringing in sonorous and vibratory dimensions. Sensitive and empathic in her teachings, Tara highlights the reverence the practice deserves. Thereby each practice becomes no less than a prayer and the classroom no less than a temple. Minute detailing, focus and simple perfection along with watching of the breath bring the mind and body in alignment. Classes can be advanced and challenging or restorative and balancing depending on the readiness and need of the student. The intention is to go beyond the mere physical practice and reach for the more subtle side of oneself.


2008 – Sivananda Nataraja Centre, New Delhi
2009 – 200hours Teacher’s Training, Sivananda Dhanwantari Ashram, Neyyar Dam Kerala.
2012 – 60hours Iyengar Immersion with Sharat Arora, Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Institute, Dharamkot
2013 – 200hours Teachers Training – Hatha Raja Yoga with Sri Andrei Ram, Yogaone Barcelona.

Atmavikasa Centre for yogic sciences Mysore:

2014 – 200hours Back bending intensive
2015 – 300hours Teacher’s Training
2018 – Guided Self Study
2019 – Guided Self study
350+ Hours Yoga Therapy Teacher’s Training
2020 – Guided Self study